The WWW Virtual Library: Evaluation is an online database of high quality Internet resources related to social policy evaluation (for further information see brief on-line introduction to evaluation). At present, the database points to hundreds of web-sites, and each one has been selected and described.  The catalogue is browsable or searchable by subject area. 

There are 5 things you can do with this Virtual Library:
  • Learn from educational material, analyses and reports;
  • Visit homepages of related interest;
  • Do research for your studies;
  • Communicate with other individuals using mailing lists;
  • Contribute in dissemination of information by voting the link you believe it was most useful for your study or research.

In the process of indexing the content of this Virtual Library, I used the discovery of resources as a main tool for self-learning, which is the focus of the project. The resulting categorization is given in the table below:

Theory and Evaluation Techniques  Policy Implementation & Policy Evaluation Research Tools
  • Educational Materials
  • Articles/Papers/Reports
  • Discussion Groups & Mailing Lists
  • Journals & Newsletters
  • Courts of Audit
  • Evaluation Societies
  • Evaluation in the EU 
  • Research Centres
  • Databases
  • Resource Guides
  • Government Publications
  • International Organizations


The new search-engine offers you the choice of performing simple keyword searches or using more extensive search options. The number of resources found is given at the top left. The search results will include: 1) categories; 2) sub-categories; 3) and  links. You can sort your search results by type of resource or restrict your search to find resources of a particular type.

Useful keywords for your search are:
  • on-line documents;
  • public management;
  • public policy;
  • the name of the country in which you are interested;
  • social policy;
  • social science;
  • health;
  • audit;
  • monitor;
  • program evaluation;
  • social security & employment;
  • poverty.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who offered me suggestions and words of encouragement. Such words are indeed worth all the many hours that have gone in this VL's development and maintainance. 

Alfio Cerami
project co-ordinator
WWW-VL: Evaluation

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