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Evaluation in the EU

This site focuses on the European Union. It can be useful if you need to know something more about the evaluation of specific programmes implemented by EU institutions. Particular importance is also given to the budget analysis.


EuropeAid-Evaluation Unit pop Rate It
Cour des Comptes Européennes - European Court of Auditors - Rate It
DG Enlargement - EU - Rate It
DG Regional Policy (INFOREGIO) Rate It
EC - Information Society Evaluation - European Union Info and Action Plans- Rate It
ECHO - Humanitarian Aid Office - Rate It
Employment and Social Affairs Directorate-General Rate It
EUR-OP -Office for Publication of the European Union - Rate It
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Rate It
European Central Bank - ECB - Rate It
European Investment Bank Rate It
European Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions - EUROSAI - Rate It
European Union Official Web-site Rate It
Evaluation in DG Employment and Social Affairs Rate It
Evaluation in the European Commission -EU budget- Rate It
Evaluation of Community Expenditure Rate It
OCEEI Office for Central and Eastern Europe Initiatives: Rate It
PHARE Programme Search Facility Rate It
PreLex: Monitoring the decision-making process -Database of the EU Rate It
SIGMA-Support for Improvement in Governance and Management in CEECs Rate It
Socio-economic Research: Cordis -Research Funding- Rate It

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